Radon and cancer risk – What the cancer workforce needs to know

Webinar – June 1 at 18:00-19:15 CET

40-minute talk followed by Q&A/discussion

This free webinar for healthcare professionals will focus on the important but little understood subject of radon and cancer, with subject expert Joachim Schüz, Branch Head of Environment and Lifestyle Epidemiology at the International Agency for Research on Cancer (WHO).

Dr Schüz examined this important issue with eight co-authors in an article European Code against Cancer 4th Edition: Ionising and non-ionising radiation and cancer in Cancer Epidemiology, The International Journal of Cancer Epidemiology, Detection, and Prevention. Among the deeply concerning conclusions we learn that:

  • Ionising radiation has been shown to be carcinogenic and everyone is exposed to a range of natural and man-made sources.
  • Radon is the single biggest source of ionising radiation exposure for most people, with most exposure occurring in the home.
  • Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking, with long-term exposure shown to result in excess lung cancers.

Our webinar will examine What the cancer workforce needs to know and what national agencies and individuals should do to minimise or eliminate this risk. What do we tell our patients and their families? What preventive actions could we take?

The ground-breaking, Europe-wide “Cancer Prevention Across Europe” campaign (PrEvCan) is aimed at reducing the burden of cancer. The PrEvCan campaign is initiated and led by the European Oncology Nursing Society (EONS) with the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO) as key campaign partner and the support of over 60 other international and national organisations across Europe. Recommendation 9 (June) of the 12-month campaign focuses on radon and cancer risk.

With thanks to The Confederation of Regional Cancer Centers, Sweden for their generous support of this event.


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1 Jun 18:00 - 19:15

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